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Airpot Grown

Container grown hedging plants - available from 50cm to 3.0m high - can transform your garden in an instant to an additional "Green Room".

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The Air-pot container system is versatile and can help landscape contractors in many ways:

  • No waste products delivered to site
  • The hedging plants are packaged in a conventional rootball
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to anchor
  • Most importantly, Air-pot promotes an improved fibrous root system giving better transplant resilience and no transplant shock.

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container grown hedging container grown instant hedging Photinia Red Robin Hedge airpot container grown hedging carpinus betulus hedging buxus sempervirens

Hedging -
Field Grown

Throughout the winter months we are able to offer a superb selection of our own hedging plants and from our partner nurseries in Germany and Northern Italy.

Depending on the varieties we can offer hedging plants from 30cm up to 4.0m height.

Carpinus 2.5x1x0.6 Taxus baccata 3mx1.5mx2.0m Taxus baccata 1.8-2m carpinus betulus Hedge 8m Carpinus betulus 300x120x80 Carpinus betulus 3m 108150
Field grown hedging Lusitanica 180-200 field grown hedgin plants      


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