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Once you have selected the perfect trees, it is important that they are planted well and properly secured.

Deepdale Trees offers a range of planting accessories which can be purchased and delivered with your trees. Planting accessories can only be purchased with trees, they are not available separately.

Please see the available items below. For planting guidelines click here.

Tree Ties

Tree ties planing kits

Planting Kits

Tree Stakes

Tree stakes Platipus Anchors

Platipus Anchors


Tree Ties

Super Soft Tree Ties

This super strong and soft tie has moulded grooves to prevent damage to the tree bark. The tie forms a figure of eight and threads back into itself to create a cushion between the tree and stake. The tie will stretch as the tree grows and can be adjusted when necessary

22mm wide x 600mm long - £0.95 each + VAT

  Tree Ties Super Soft Tree Ties


Tree Belt

This product is particularly well suited for securing trees to stakes. It is made from seatbelt material and is 50mm wide to prevent damage to bark. Can be secured by nailing.

50mm wide - £1.25 per metre + VAT

  Tree belt tree belt



Tree Stakes

Round Stakes

Machine rounded pointed stakes


Unit cost (£)

1.5m x 60mm £2.50 + VAT
2.4m x 60mm £4.50 + VAT


  Tree belt  



Planting Kits

The Planting Kits are available for purchase with all trees purchased from Deepdale. We recommend that a planting kit is purchased with each tree as it will provide you with everything required for staking and securing the trees correctly.

  planing kits Tree belts for planting kit

The Planting Kit contains the following

  • 2.4m round stakes
  • 50mm Tree Belt
  • Nails
  • Fertilizer
  • Tree Compost

Product code


Unit cost

PK1 2 x 2.4m round stakes,
2 x 1.5m lengths tree belt, nails,
1 bag of fertilizer (400g),
1 bag of tree planting compost
£19.50 + VAT
PK2 3 x 2.4m round stakes,
3 x 1.5m lengths tree belt, nails,
1 bag of fertilizer (400g),
1 bag of tree planting compost
£25.00 + VAT



Platipus Tree Anchoring Systems

Rootball Fixing System- Platimat

The Platipus® rootball fixing system, including Plati-Mat, remains the preferred method of securing rootballed and containerised semi-mature trees. The ease of installation and lack of unsightly guy wires makes it the first choice of customers.

Over the past two decades, Platipus have developed an extensive range of unique underground fixing solutions to suit most applications. The Plati-Mat allows secure positioning of newly transplanted trees, whilst offering major benefits over traditional root support systems.

Platipus anchors Platipus anchors Platipus anchors

Available in five standard sizes, the Plati-Mat can be tailored to suit most rootball dimensions. This significant development allows faster installation and provides a greater contact surface area at the top of the rootballed or container grown tree.

The benefits include:

  • Planting at the nursery line
  • Reduced overall installation time
  • More secure fixing creating better establishment
  • No unsightly stakes or timber above ground
  • Suitable for most rootballed and containerised stock
Girth (cm) Rootball Diameter (cm) Rootball Height (cm) Weight (kg) Product Code Description Price
<20-25 70-80 50 270 RF1P 3 x S41 Anchors,
4m of galvanized wire,
1 ratchet tensioner
and 3 x Plati-Mats
£33.50 +VAT
25-30 80-90 50-60 350 RF2P 3 x S61 Anchors,
5m of galvanized wire,
1 ratchet tensioner
and 3 x Plati-Mats
£56.95 +VAT
30-35 90-100 60-70 500
35-40 100-110 60-70 650
40-45 110-120 60-70 850
45-50 110-130 60-80 1100 RF3P 3 x S81 Anchors,
8m of galvanized wire,
1 ratchet tensioner
and 3 x Plati-Mats
£120.75 +VAT
50-60 130-150 60-80 1600
60-75 150-180 60-80 2500
>75 >180 >70 >4000 RF4P 3 x B61 Anchors,
10m of galvanized wire,
1 ratchet tensioner
and 3 x Plati-Mats
£173.50 +VAT

Installation tools required

Product code Driver rods Rod removers Loadlocking Tension levers


*Stated girth and rootball sizes are a guideline and may vary. Anchors for multistemmed plants should be selected on rootball size.


Deadman System - PlatimatDeadman System - Platimat

Designed to satisfy the requirements of a specialist market, deadman systems have enabled Platipus to offer effective solutions for planting in difficult urban environments, where services may be a problem.

The systems use kerbstones or sleepers as anchor points and providing that the soil placed on top of the kerbstones or sleepers has been well compacted before placing the tree in the pit, the systems offer a fast and efficient method of securing rootball trees up to 12 metres high.


Tree Girth* Product Code Description Price Installation Tools Required
Drive Rods Rod removers Loadlocking Tensioners
12-25cm girth RF1RDMP 3 x Wire chokes,
4m of galvanized wire,
1 ratchet tensioner
and 3 x Plati-Mats
£29.95 + VAT n/a n/a n/a TL1
25-45cm girth RF2RDMP 3 x Wire chokes,
5m of galvanized wire,
1 ratchet tensioner
and 3 x Plati-Mats
£51.75 + VAT n/a n/a n/a TL1

*Stated tree girth is a guideline.  Multistems and containerised plants may need larger kits dependent on rootball size.



Installation Tools

Installation Tools

Product Code



HDRS4 Hand Drive Rod £73.50 + VAT
PDRS4 Power Drive Rod £73.50 + VAT
HDRS6 Hand Drive Rod £110.25 + VAT
PDRS6 Power Drive Rod £110.25 + VAT
HDRS8 Hand Drive Rod £147.00 + VAT
PDRS8 Power Drive Rod £178.50 + VAT
RR1 Rod Removers £75.25 + VAT
PH1 Platipus Hook for Loadlocking £55.95 + VAT
SJ1 Stressing Jack for Loadlocking £320.65 + VAT
PHK Plati-Klein Loadlocking £169.50 + VAT
TL1 Ratchet Tension Lever £29.95 + VAT
TL2 Ratchet Tension Lever £51.75 + VAT
TL1S Strap Ratchet Tension Lever £26.75 + VAT
TL2S Strap Ratchet Tension Lever £29.95 + VAT



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