Field grown trees - feathered and multi-stem Semi mature trees field grown Semi mature grees - field grown
Semi Mature Tilia europ. Pallida H.10-12m Prunus laurocerasus Prunus laurocerasus Koelreuteria paniculata Field Trees Corylus avellana
Field grown trees field grown trees Pinus nigra Austriaca H. 6-7m Pinus sylvestris H. 5-6m Pinus nigra Austriaca H. 2.5-3.0m Prunus sargentii H 2.5-3.0m

Field Grown
Feathered / Multistem

Feathered or Multistem plants give your project impact mainly through their individual silhouettes. Their beautiful shades of greens,reds,yellows are often accompanied by flowers and autumn colours.

We can offer semi mature trees in sizes from 1.0m to 10.0m in height from November until March.

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