Container grown Pinus nigra Austriaca - semi mature tree
Quercus ponitca H 3.0m  (Autumn) Fagus sylvatica Dawyck Purple  H 3.5-4.0m Carpinus betulus Fastigiata H 5.0-6.0m ( Autumn) Betula pendula H 6.0-7.0m Parrotia persica H 4.5-5.0m (Autumn) Prunus serrula H 3.0-4.0m
Catalpa bignonioides Aurea H 2.0-2.5m Cedrus atlantica Glauca H 4.0m  (Winter) Acer platanoides Crimson Sentry 4.0-4.5m Rhus typhina H 5.0-6.0m Pinus sylvestris – multistem H 4.0-5.0m (Winter) Magnolia loebneri Leonard Messel H 2.0-2.5m
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Airpot Grown
Feathered / Multistem

Each year we offer an exciting range of hand picked container grown multistems and beautiful feathered plants between 2.0 -10.0 metre high.

A dull garden can be enlivened with Airpot grown plants even during the summer months - you do not need to wait for the winter to transform your garden!

The "Airpot" container system is versatile container system and can help the landscape contractor in many ways:

  • The trees are packaged in a conventional root ball
  • No waste products delivered to site
  • Simple to anchor
  • Easy to handle
  • Most importantly, a much improved fibrous root system giving better transplant resilience and no transplant shock.

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